• Cataclysmos Peram

    Cataclysmos Peram

    There Was Never Greater An Example of Scum and Villainy From the Hive
  • Dolman Ricosus

    Dolman Ricosus

    Justice is Found In the Hand Holding the Bolter, Mercy Is Wasted on the Heretic
  • Mortem Consumptis

    Mortem Consumptis

    Sniper Rifle for the Win.
  • Mual Deed

    Mual Deed

    The Power of the Warp is Mine to Command, the Terror of the Warp is Mine to Suffer.
  • Patrem Vero

    Patrem Vero

    Confess! The Truth Lies In The Heart Of the Heretic, We Need Only Find It.
  • Sister Venusius

    Sister Venusius

    Amazon of the Jungle Who Became the Nun With Guns, Let's Rock!